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Terrain Surveys

Topographic surveys are utilized by planners, engineers, and architects to formulate the basic design strategy for virtually every type of land use project.

The most common type of terrain survey is the topographic survey.  The topographic survey can be customized to suit most every type of request a client can think of.  The topographic survey is a spatial study of a specific area designed to locate land form and specific relief features and surface configuration of the surveyed area.  Existing improvements are normally also an essential component of the topographic survey.  Boundary surveys and or forensic survey procedures can also be incorporated into the scope of the topographic survey.

Understanding information such as the project size, the type of terrain, the anticipated scope of the land use project and the anticipated use of the survey CFS Engineering works with clients to determine the most cost effective method for performing the survey to the desired accuracy standards.

Projects requiring the mapping of about 20 acres of land or more will often benefit from utilizing aerial photogrammetry methods for data gathering.  In such cases CFS Engineering will set horizontal and vertical ground control to be used as the basis for flight plans and procedures.  CFS Engineering then coordinates with our aerial subconsultant to provide the required detail as requested by the client.  Typically the aerial topographic map provides the client with an overview of the project site.  Once specific focus areas are identified by the scope of the project, CFS Engineering then sends in ground crews to pick up the requested detail.


Types of terrain surveys include:

  • Topographic Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Site Plan Surveys
  • Riparian and Wetlands Delineation Surveys
  • Environmental Surveys Referencing California Coordinate System of 1983
  • Flood Plain and Fluvial Surveys
  • GPS Control Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Solar Study Site Surveys

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