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With offices in Sonoma and Santa Cruz Counties, CFS is ideally located to serve the entire Bay Area and beyond.  We practice extensively in the Counties of Sonoma, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin and Napa.  

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Behind the mystery of Giza, Stonehenge, Notre-Dame de Paris, there emerges the work of the surveyor.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  -  Genesis 1.1                                   "With this immortal sentence, the Bible memorialized the first and longest running boundary dispute."  -  Bruce S. Flushman                                                                                                             Does this mean God was a surveyor?  If anything the above calls into question what was indeed man's oldest profession. 

The profession of land surveying has been around as long as the idea of territorial ownership. Land surveyors were employed by pharaohs, emperors, kings, conquerors to determine boundaries for sovereignty, ownership, land use, taxation, land grants, and so on.  From our culture emerges our concept of real property ownership and the laws governing their boundaries, and the land surveyor is central to this understanding.

CFS Engineering employs innovative and advanced precision techniques in the performance of every task, we continue to upgrade our field equipment, hardware and software to remain on the cutting edge of the latest developments. Our surveyors possess the technical background to understand the individual needs of each project. We provide our clients with a single source for their surveying, mapping, GIS, planning and civil engineering needs.

Examples of Land Surveying Services We Provide

  • Accident Site Surveys
  • Aerial Photogrammetry Control Surveys
  • ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys
  • Animal Migration Surveys
  • As-built Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Biotic Habitat Control Surveys
  • Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Boundary Line Agreements
  • Boundary Line Conflict Resolution
  • Boundary surveys
  • Boundary and Title Research and Investigation
  • Construction control surveys and staking
  • Court Exhibit Preparation
  • Deformation Monitoring Surveys
  • Easement Preparation
  • Elevation Control Surveys
  • Expert Testimony
  • FEMA Flood Certificates
  • Flood Plain Surveys
  • Forensic Surveys
  • Legal Description Preparation
  • Lot Line Adjustment Surveys
  • Pre-construction Interdisciplinary Document Coordination
  • Right of Way Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Tentative and Final Parcel Map Preparation
  • Topographic Surveys
  • TRPA Land Coverage Surveys
  • Volumetric Quantification Surveys

CFS Land Surveying Services

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Sonoma Office | 617 Broadway, #1962 | Sonoma CA 95476 | T: 707-996-8449
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