Forensic Engineering Investigations

At CFS Engineering, we are experts at discovery, we recover the most pertinent evidence from the ashes.  Period.

We see it all, we handle it all.

The use of scientific or engineering principles to analyze evidence recovered by detailed field investigation is the backbone of our forensic practice.   It is all about the evidence, knowing how and where to gather the evidence, and having the talent and experience to understand the clues that the evidence presents.   This insight often leads to further evidence recovery and understanding.   Once the evidence recovery process is exhausted, sound unbiased conclusions are drawn in vivid and simple detail.

At CFS Engineering, our forensic experience grows with every assignment, nearly every day, with issues related to flooding, surface water hydrology, hydraulics, grading and drainage, erosion, landslides, surface water migration, ground deformation, water intrusion, structural distress and failures, ADA design and compliance, construction defect and code compliance, slips/trips and falls, mechanical and electrical failures, product and equipment failures, fire investigations, motor vehicle accident scene investigations and reconstruction.   We see it all, we handle it all.  Some forensic firms promote the litigation process to eternity based on the ambiguous content of their reports.  At CFS Engineering, we cut that process off at the knees, because proof talks.  We get results and we produce results.  Contact us to discover the origin and cause of your claim.

CFS Engineering is the North Bay California member firm of the Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A).  The Investigative Engineers Association is a nationwide network of independent forensic engineering firms providing streamlined investigative engineering services to the property and casualty insurance industry.  I-ENG-A's standardized reporting methodology, forensic engineering training and expertise, vast on-line search engine library, and internal networking ability helps CFS Engineering provide our clients with comprehensive, cost-effective and fastidious documentation leading to substantiated and justified claims settlement.  Please click on the following link to learn more about our membership in the Investigative Engineers Association, to discuss how we might be able to help with your claim, and/or to submit an assignment on-line:  I-ENG-A of the North Bay California.

Forensic investigations encompass:

  • Landslides & Erosion Investigations
  • Forensic Land Surveys
  • Channel Blockage and Scour Studies
  • Stormwater Infrastructure Failure Analysis
  • Storm Damages
  • Flood Causation Studies
  • Water Intrusion Investigations
  • Microbial and Mold Investigations
  • Electrical and Mechanical Failures
  • Foundation and Structural Distress Investigations
  • Traffic Accidents Involving Stormwater, Storm Debris, and Hydroplaning
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Investigations
  • ADA Compliance
  • Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause Investigations
  • Additional Forensic Investigation Services

CFS Civil Engineering Services

To learn more about the civil engineering services CFS Engineering provides, please click the links below:

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