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Official Map of Napa County - 1895 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective08-Apr-2016

Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 21, 1895, the map is a compilat..

Official Map of Santa Clara County 1890 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective06-Feb-2015

Adopted by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors in 1890, the map is a compilation o..

CFS Engineering is Listed in the Claims Pages under California Forensic Consultants25-Jan-2015

CFS Engineering is the North Bay California chapter of the Investigative Engineers Associa..

CFS Engineering Listed in Bar Association of San Francisco's Register of Experts and Consultants07-Jan-2015

Clark E. Stoner is listed in the Bar Association of San Francisco's Register of Expe..

CFS Engineering is a Member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA)06-Dec-2014

An associate member since 2012, view Mr. Stoner's expert profile on the Forensic Expert Wi..

CFS Engineering Establishes the Investigative Engineers Association of the North Bay California02-Dec-2014

The Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A) ( is a nationwide ..

How to Defend Against Slip Trip and Fall Claims on City Sidewalks20-Nov-2014

The Trivial Defect Doctrine - How Municipalities Can Avoid Having Their Repair Criteria Used Aga..

Land Use History Investigation Helps Settle Electrocution Case25-Jul-2014

CFS Engineering drew upon both land surveying and civil engineering expertise to reveal the histo..

Northern Nevada Flash Floods -- July 20, 2014 -- Devastation21-Jul-2014

Heavy rainfall was reported in the hills along the eastern side of the Carson Valley on th..

Official Map of San Mateo County - 1894 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective04-Mar-2014

Adopted by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors in August, 1894, the map is a compil..

California Tree Law31-Dec-2013

I receive a healthy dose of questions from clients concerning tree law. Who is responsibl..

Flood Damage and Inverse Condemnation09-Aug-2013

A must read for anybody interested in inverse condemnation issues associated with flood da..

Who Is Responsible When Uphill Storm Water Causes Downhill Damage?31-May-2013

As civil engineers and land surveyors, we do not investigate the question of "who is respo..

How is California Preparing for Impending Extreme Floods?27-May-2013

In the Fall 2012 issue of Natural Resources and Environment (

County of Santa Cruz Local Civil Engineering Consultants10-May-2013

It has been several years that CFS Engineering has been listed on Santa Cruz County's list..

Official Plat of Rancho Petaluma17-Apr-2013

Confirmed to Mariano G. Vallejo in September, 1860. Check out the following link for an in..

Official Map of Santa Cruz County - 1889 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective25-Feb-2013

Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on October 9, 1889, the map is a compilation of rancho..

Official Map of Sonoma County - 1900 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective25-Feb-2013

Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on September 7, 1900, the map is a compilation of ranc..

CFS Engineering Bolsters Forensic Practice with Focused Expert Witness Training06-Feb-2013

Due to our growing forensic engineering and land surveying practice and anticipation for b..

California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) Issued Video about the March 2011 Storms14-May-2012

The California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) recently issued a Youtube video about..

CFS Engineering Brings Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Expertise into Sonoma County30-Apr-2012

It is now official that CFS Engineering has expanded its operation into the North Bay with the o..

Capitola Village Flood: CFS Engineering Featured on ConsumerWatch CBS Channel 5 in San Francisco20-Oct-2011

The Capitola Flood is back in the news again thanks to Julie Watts, news anchor for Consum..

Buried Egyptian Pyramids and Other Archaeological Sites Found Using Satellite Imagery12-Oct-2011

Check out this report from the BBC: ..

Central Valley Flood Risk, A Nice Little Video22-Sep-2011

Have a look at the following, brought to you by our friends at Aquafornia (http://aquaforn..

CFS Engineering Joins Thumbtack30-Aug-2011

CFS Engineering has created a profile on Thumbtack. What is Thumbtack? Click the followi..


The US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Environmental Protection Agency..

Tahoe Snowpack and Damage to Structures21-Jun-2011

An interesting article about the 2010/2011 winter snowpack in the Tahoe basin and the resu..

Los Angeles Aquaduct -- A Slideshow17-Jun-2011

Here is a nice slideshow of the Los Angeles Aquaduct from its origin in the eastern Sierra..

Capitola Flood -- Who Is Responsible?09-Jun-2011

The Santa Cruz Sentinel published an article about the Capitola Flood today entitled, "Cause o..

Capitola Flood: Owners Having Difficulty With Insurance Claims23-Apr-2011

A local article about victims struggling with their insurance companies:

Scotts Valley Landslide -- Nelson Road -- Video Footage of Slide in Action30-Mar-2011

This March 21 landslide in Scotts Valley has been all over the news. Thankfully nobody was injur..

Who Will Pay for Capitola Flood Damage Costs?29-Mar-2011

Check out this article from KGO-TV, Channel 7 in San Francisco. Click here (http://abclocal.go.c..

The Longest Home Run Ever Recorded17-Nov-2010

For those of you not quite over baseball fever this year...... Go Giants!!! Here's a little his..

State Water Project: A Brief Slideshow09-Nov-2010

Thanks to one of my favorite water related news blogs, Aquafornia, for supplying the public with ..

CFS ENGINEERING Joins Think Local First Coalition for Santa Cruz County08-Oct-2010

Think Local First! ( We have tremendous resources in our ..

Suit Filed against CA SWRCB and DWR to Protect Delta Public Trust Fisheries07-Sep-2010

This is bound to be interesting, utilizing the public trust doctrine as a strategy to force the c..

Retracing the Sonoma-Napa county line15-May-2010

An interesting article about the re-tracement survey of the Napa Sonoma County line, plus a little b..

Interesting Boundary Dispute Story28-Apr-2010

An interesting story about a 250 year old boundary dispute back east:

Nice Video Footage of a Recent Landslide in Southern California06-Apr-2010

Check out this footage of a landslide in San Dimas, California this past winter: (http://) ht..

Nice Video Footage of a Road Flooded and Washed Out06-Apr-2010

This is a nice example of a fairly large culvert flooded and resulting in the road being washed out ..

California Water/Delta Legislation Package Distilled22-Mar-2010

With all the politiacal psychobabble jamming up every imaginable viewpoint, some refreshing straight..

National Geographic Chimes In on California's Water System16-Mar-2010

Leave it to National Geographic Magazine to colorfully and concisely illustrate the state of Cal..

More Salmon Coming Back: Good News for Fish and Farms?15-Mar-2010

Check this out from ( Monday, Marc..

CH2M Hill study confirms vast scale of Cadiz aquifer system24-Feb-2010

ONTARIO, CALIF. — CH2M Hill has unveiled the findings of a comprehensive year-long study measuri..

Vote may delay water legislation23-Feb-2010

Feb 23, 2010 12:20 PM, By Forrest Laws, Farm Press Editorial Staff Many farmers and rancher..

Officials agree to remove California dam01-Feb-2010

MONTEREY COUNTY, CALIF. — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) joined stat..

The Good Fight - Check Your Facts Regarding the Delta Water Wars16-Jan-2010

By Doug Lovell Editor's note: this article is best viewed at our website, where the Internet..

Surfrider Foundation abandons lawsuit challenging Carlsbad desalination project11-Jan-2010

“San Diego, CA – Poseidon Resources today announced it has been notified by the Surfrider Founda..

Utah Governor pulling back on water deal with Southern Nevada10-Jan-2010

By Patty Henetz The Salt Lake Tribune Updated: 01/08/2010 11:10:33 PM MST ..

Groundwater mining: American experience30-Dec-2009

T. N. Narasimhan Recent geophysical studies report large-scale groundwat..

Making Way for Salmon: Fish passage barriars removed from streams30-Dec-2009

By Eileen Ecklund In 2001, a small miracle occurred in a stream south of the city of Arcata: th..

U.S. EPA Directs Bay Area Wastewater Collection Systems to Protect San Francisco Bay from Sewage Dis22-Dec-2009

SAN FRANCISCO — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered seven municipal sewage co..

What's to Fallow: After years of drought, the legislature’s historic water deal is just the beginni07-Dec-2009

by Rich Ehisen | December 2009 This is the final story in a four-part series on water. Th..

Smelt Suit: Water users take their case to the courts06-Dec-2009

by Joanna Corman | December 2009 For nearly three decades, Westlands Water District recei..

Credit program could be key to regaining Tahoe's clarity04-Dec-2009

By Adam Jensen, Tahoe Daily Tribune SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Alternative energy credits a..

Santa Cruz County won't see major benefits from state water package17-Nov-2009

By Kurtis Alexander, Santa Cruz Sentinal County residents will be ..

California finally passes water legislation10-Nov-2009

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — After years of contentious debate between business, agricultural, wat..

Nevada, California Delegations Introduce Legislation to Preserve and Protect Lake Tahoe03-Nov-2009

Bill extends commitment to Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe Basin November 3, 2009 Washin..

Peripheral Vision: Can state and federal officials agree on comprehensive reform before it’s too la02-Nov-2009

by Rich Ehisen | November 2009 This is the third installment in a four-part series on wate..

Spending Water Like Money: when conservation alone can’t solve the state’s water problems10-Oct-2009

by Rich Ehisen | photo by Jayson Carpenter | October 2009 This is the second installment i..

California seeks $4.5 billion for high-speed rail24-Sep-2009

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — The California High-Speed Rail Authority unanimously approved an applicatio..

Hydrating the System: The state’s water woes and its faltering economy10-Sep-2009

by Rich Ehisen | photo by Jayson Carpenter | September 2009 Most recognized California as ..

Southern California desalination project receives final approval01-Sep-2009

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. - West Basin Municipal Water District's Ocean-Water Desalination Demonstra..

Dam Compromise: A water battle is heating up — and leaving pundits parched15-Aug-2008

by Rich Ehisen | August 2008 Few things have played as large a role in shaping California ..

Official Map of Napa County - 1895 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective



Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 21, 1895, the map is a compilation of rancho and township surveys and also shows some basic topography, creeks and rivers, and land ownership.  There is a wealth of information on this map for the forensic minded land surveyor and civil engineer.  For a fun and enhanced interactive version of this map, follow this link to the Library of Congress' site HERE.

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