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Official Map of Napa County - 1895 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective08-Apr-2016

Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 21, 1895, the map is a compilat..

Official Map of Santa Clara County 1890 - A Land Surveyor's Perspective06-Feb-2015

Adopted by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors in 1890, the map is a compilation o..

CFS Engineering is Listed in the Claims Pages under California Forensic Consultants25-Jan-2015

CFS Engineering is the North Bay California chapter of the Investigative Engineers Associa..

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Multi-Disciplinary Civil and Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying

The continuous recirculatory transport of water from ocean to atmosphere to mountaintops and back to ocean is called the "hydrologic cycle". CFS (Cubic Feet per Second) is a unit of measurement representing flow, such as that of rivers. It is the flow of water that shapes the land, and yet it is the land that bounds the flow of water. One of the simplest and most profound fundamentals of nature, simultaneously yielding and unyielding, gentle and powerful, the flow of water carries the essence of all life. It is also the inspiration for our identity, CFS ENGINEERING.

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Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors Serving Real Estate Professionals, Developers, Architects & Land Use Attorneys

At CFS Engineering, we specialize in the fields of land use consulting, land surveying, and civil engineering.  We offer comprehensive consulting services to the real estate community and those focused on land use.  We perform everything from zoning research and due diligence investigations, to boundary surveys and parcel re-configurations, to focused land use studies designed to outline development opportunities and constraints.   We help to formulate the project idea, and then we help turn that idea into reality through concept and detailed design and leading the project through the entitlement and regulatory permitting processes.  And of course we are also on call during construction for construction layout surveys, inspections, and certifications.

With offices located in Santa Cruz and Sonoma Counties, we are ideally situated to serve the entire Bay Area and beyond.  Have a look around our site and realize how ideally suited we are to provide the professional services you require.  Give us a call. 

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Forensic Engineering for the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry, Including Claims Adjusters, Subrogation Professionals and their Legal Counterparts

CFS Engineering provides real world balanced analysis and conclusive reporting on the technical aspects of casualty and property insurance claims and losses.  We possess an acute understanding of how forensic investigation and expert consulting fit into the litigious world of real property losses and personal injury.  We at CFS Engineering understand the Federal Rules of Evidence and the California Evidence Code, thanks to our intensive training as professional land surveyors.  CFS Engineering is also the North Bay California member firm of the Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A), the preeminent national association of forensic engineers, scientists and specialists of nearly every investigative/forensic discipline imaginable falling under the purview of the professional engineer.

At CFS Engineering, we are experts at research and evidence discovery, which allows us to formulate a convincing, justified, fact based, and unbiased expert opinion concerning the ultimate outcome of the case.  Our investigative reports are formatted to allow the reader to grasp difficult technical concepts and visualize the reasoning to support our conclusions.

Because of our combined expertise in the civil engineering and land surveying disciplines, we provide a unique combination of forensic investigation services for our clients, who include insurance claims adjusters, attorneys, and subrogation professionals.

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Clark Stoner | CFS Engineering

About CFS Engineering

CFS Engineering is headed up by Clark E. Stoner, a professional civil engineer and land surveyor in California and Nevada.

CFS Engineering specializes in development and investigative projects where the professions of civil engineering and land surveying coalesce as the crucial components driving the project's feasibility.  We thrive on unusual projects requiring unconventional solutions.

Working behind the scenes long before a project breaks ground,  CFS Engineering aids clients in land procurement, developing the project idea, guiding the entitlement process, and then leading the project through the design, permitting and construction phases.  

Our Locations & Areas We Serve

CFS Engineering is ideally situated to serve the entire Bay Area with offices located in Santa Cruz and Sonoma Counties.  Our Sonoma office serves the North Bay including Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco, Solano, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.  Our Santa Cruz office serves the South Bay including Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Monterey Counties. 

We have also been known to extend our services east into the Tahoe Basin and Nevada and south as far as San Diego County.

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